Devoted To Helping Families

Protecting The Right To Be In Your Child’s Life

The most emotional and sensitive part of a family law issue involves the children trapped in the middle. You want the best for your child, to defend your rights, to remain in their life and to protect them from any potential danger.

As a former police officer, I have intervened in numerous cases of domestic violence, child abuse and neglect. I decided to help families from the legal advocacy side of the matter and founded Law Office of Kenneth R. Moore, PLLC. I am aware of the devastating consequences family issues have on children, and I am committed to protecting their best interests and the rights of parents.

Your Child’s Best Interests And Your Rights

At Law Office of Kenneth R. Moore, PLLC, I provide legal advisory and representation to my clients to protect their parental rights through marriage dissolution or legal separation procedures. I also help fathers establish their parental rights and assistance during determination or change of custody/conservatorship, visitation/access rights.

Some common issues regarding custody include the following:

  • Parents disagree on custody and access terms. In this case, the court will decide according to the child’s best interests.
  • The parenting plan is not followed by one of the parents. A parent may interrupt access to the minor child for reasons like nonpayment of child support. It is vital to take action under such circumstances.
  • The conservator does not provide information about the child to the other parent. Omissions include medical information that might be vital for the child’s welfare.
  • Upbringing decisions. If parents have joint conservatorship of the children, this issue might escalate quickly. I am ready to defend your rights.
  • Relocations. A parent with physical custody who wants to relocate with the child needs the explicit authorization of the other parent. The noncustodial parent can oppose and request the relevant court to enforce their decision.
  • Domestic violence or child abuse. Cases involving any type of violence against children require special and immediate attention to protect a child from an abusive parent.

Regardless of your needs, I know you are going through difficult times. Your children and your family are my priority. I am happy to serve clients in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex and throughout the surrounding counties.

Preserving Relationships Between Grandparents And Their Grandchildren

When the structure of a family unit changes, I understand that the relationships between children and their extended family are important to emotional stability and overall wellbeing. I am passionate about protecting the sanctity of families by retaining the integrity of these relationships whenever possible. Whether you are looking to secure visitation or wish to obtain legal custody of a grandchild due to circumstances that prevent their parents from providing a safe and secure home, I am here to help.

Learn Your Options. Act Today.

Your family is the foundation of life. Work with a family law attorney who is passionate about preserving that foundation with the personalized advocacy you deserve. Learn how I can work to defend your parental rights and protect your child’s rights in an initial consultation. Call 972-645-5787 or fill out our online intake form.

I serve clients in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex and throughout the surrounding counties.